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Spawners Guide - Outdated


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Aug 30, 2022
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A quick guide is available in-game through NPC Mason located on Tutorial Island

This is an supposed to be an exhaustive guide to help understand spawners on our Skyblock server and how each of them can be used. The contents of this post will be updated and edited when needed.

When you start playing Skyblock, you'll have a spawner limit of 3 spawners. This limit can be raised to 6 spawners by purchasing upgrades in the perms shop found through NPC Ven Dor(Currently not avalible). Also, by right clicking a placed spawner you can open its control panel. Inside the control panel you can view spawner info like it stack and mob type. There is also some tips included in the control panel for spawners.
(Picture of perm shop, specifically the spawner limit upgrade items, currently not available yet)

When you make a Skyblock island, use the command /is challenges to open the island challenges. Some island challenges offer a spawner as a reward for completion
(Picture of island challenge that offers spawner)

Note: The spawners page seen in NPC Ven Dor shop is currently not avalible, the reason for why it's not hidden is because it would break the shop otherwise.


Besides getting some spawners from island challenges, the main method of getting a spawner is by killing 300 of a mob. For example, killing 300 zombies will reward you with a zombie spawner. You'll get a quick notification above your hot bar of your progress towards getting a spawner every 10 mobs you kill. Just so you know, mobs in PvE worlds can contribute to getting a spawner.
(Picture of killing zombies with the notification above the hot bar)

Warning: After you place a spawner, breaking it will not return the spawner. This may be changed later, if it is then I'll just edit this whole bit to say otherwise


While you are limited in how many spawner you can place around your island, you can stack the same type of spawner 5 times. Stacking a spawner will either increase the spawn rate of the spawner or the spawn amount of the spawner.

To stack a spawner, you just need to try to place the same spawner type near your placed spanwer. Doing so will automatically stack it and should display the number of times its been stacked. For example, I could have placed a zombie, skeleton, and spider spawner and then stack any extra zombie spawners into my placed zombie spawner
(Picture of either a stacked spawner in inv or a placed and stacked spawner)
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