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Armor Set Suggestions


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Aug 30, 2022
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This suggestions were originally from Vain and were on the NeonMC discord. Some of the originally suggested armor is not listed here mainly due to it being added already in some form at this point

1: Bronze, I would love to see a compressor or a heavy trade to obtain bronze material for custom armor -Could give minor increase to HP and speed, give tools that apply haste, or be used for basic charm upgrades (later in list) -To make it I would make it a mixture of quartz and copper ((i know as a metal it would make something more akin to brass, but unless you want to add tin as well then that's a close enough substitute) Maybe a 2:5 ratio scaled up)

2: Steel, One again I would want it to be crafted threw a compressor or heavy trade, used for armor and tools -Could give speed and absorption on armor, give tools haste+, or give low end strength passive on swords (not sure if you could just add damage value on a sword similar to a base value or a charm but if so i would ask for that preferably) -To make it I would want to use compressed iron and compressed coal ((A lot) maybe a 5:25 per ingot if not more)

3: Silver, -Could be speed++ on armor, night vision on tools and weapons, Would make it the next step up after bronze for upgrading charms -To make it i would personally suggest compressed Iron and quartz (5:5 ratio scaled up)

7: Wither plate, Summoner set -Could have below normal stats with a HP boost, Tools inflict wither in a aoe on the holder, Weapons inflict wither on strike and summon low level melee skeletons -To make this material I would say wither skulls and bone blocks (ratio of 25:1), and to craft the armor require a mix of reinforced leather and wither plate

8: Mithril, Your first taste of endgame -Could have speed++ as well as having very nice stats, tools get haste+ as well as night vision while equipped, Weapons get noticeable damage boon as well as a ender pearl jump ability, The ending to charm upgrades -To make this material i would say you would need nether stars, netherite, and compressed iron (ratio of 10: 100: 100)

9: Adamantine, - Could give slowness, HP boost, regen, as well as resist knockback, Tools get automatic unbreaking 10 enchant, Weapons could have massive damage ability with a long cooldown -To make this material i would say its cost should be unrealistic, wither stars, compressed netherite, compressed diamonds (ratio of 200:200:1000)

10: Bedrock, the classic joke armor -Could constantly apply the max level of slowness and blindness, as well as max out HP, Regen, and absorption, Tools have max unbreaking and apply max slowness toggle magnet on then off once every short cooldown, Weapons apply max slowness to those holding it as well as those hit (if possible turn the attack regen speed way way down)