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Enchantments Guide - Outdated


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Aug 30, 2022
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A quick guide is available in-game through NPC Theo located on Magic Island.

This is an supposed to be an exhaustive guide to help understand islands on our Skyblock server and commands for them. The contents of this post will be updated and edited when needed.

Special enchantments are custom enchantments that can be obtained mainly from Magic Island. Some of these enchantments can give players a chance to get extra materials while mining. Other enchantments can remove certain negative effects or apply effects to enemies. Other items related to special enchantments you may see on Skyblock are Dust and Scrolls which I'll talk about later in this.
(Picture of a special enchantment book)

Important Warning: If you use an evolving item such as the War Chief Axe, it may remove the enchantment text from its lore when it updates it progress trackers. This effect does not remove the enchantment you applied however, it only removes the text saying which enchantments were applied. We are looking into how we could avoid this lore issue but again, it doesn't remove the enchant, just the text only.

Enchantment Rarity

You can buy special enchantments on Magic Island from NPC Tessa using xxp. While browsing you'll have the option of choosing what rarity book you want to buy, depending on the rarity the cost of xp will vary. After purchasing a book from a rarity, you'll be given an unknown enchantment book which you can then right click to obtain a random book from the rarity group. For example, buying a cursed enchantment book costs 400 xp and after purchase I'll have a cursed enchantment book which I can right click to reveal and enchantment book from the cursed enchantment rarity
(Picture of enchantment shop with a random enchantment book in inventory)

Success & Destroy Rates

After obtaining an enchantment you'll notice 2 numbers labled as Success and Destroy rates on the book. These rates are randomized whenever you obtain an enchantment book and can dramatically effect the chances of applying the enchantment or destroying your equipement.
(Picture of a enchantment book with its rates displayed)

Success Rate: The success rate determines the chance of an enchantment successfully applying to your targeted item, otherwise, the enchantment fails to apply. For example if I try to apply an enchant with a 90% success rate, that means that the enchantment has a 90% chance of being applied to my targeted item. If I happen to miss that 90% chance then the enchantment will not be applied to the targeted item and the book will be wasted.

Destroy Rate: The destroy rate determines the chance of an enchantment destroying your targeted item when you try to apply it. This probability is only used when the enchantment has already failed to apply. Using the earlier example, lets say the enchantment I was applying earlier also has a 10% destroy rate. That means that if I miss the earlier mentioned 90% chance to apply and failed to apply the enchant, now there is a 10% chance that my targeted item is destroyed, otherwise, only the book wasted like normal.


Dusts can be applied to enchantment books to increase their success rates by it's set amount. For example, a dust with a 25% success rate can be applied to a 50% success rate enchantment book to increase its success rate to 75%.
(Picture of dust with its success rate displayed)
You can obtain dusts from NPC Benjamin on Magic Island. To obtain dust you need to trade enchantment books for dust packs with NPC Benjamin. The success rate labeled on the dust pack is to show the possible success rate of magic dust in the pack. So if a pack states "1%-8%", that means that if a magic dust comes from the pack it will have a rate from that range. The maximum of the range is determined by the success rate of the traded book divided by 10, so if you give a 90% success rate book for trade, the corresponding dust pack will have a range of 1%-9%
(Picture of the menu for trading books for dust packs with the info of a dust pack being displayed)

You might have noticed I said Magic Dust, reason for that is when opening a dust pack there are chances to get different rarities of dust too called Burnt, Magic, Superior, and Primal. Burnt Dust is just a waste product and thus won't have any success rate attached to it meaning it useless. Magic dust is the most common form of dust and can have a success rate of 1%-10%(dependent on traded books). Superior Dust is rare and can have a rate of 11%-20%. Primal is very rare and can have a rate of 21%-30%.
(Picture of all different dusts in inventory)

Scrolls are consumable items that don't have a permanent way of obtaining, meaning they usually come from events or event related items. It is suggested to stock up on them whenever they become available.

White Scroll: Can be applied to an item to give it the "Protected" status. The protected status can be used to prevent an item from being destroyed if the destroy rate is triggered while enchanting. Doing so will remove the protected status from the item. Afterwards you can still apply another white scroll if you want to.

Black Scroll: Can be used to remove/extract a random special enchantment from an item. Doing so will return the book for the enchantment, however the success rate is determined by the labeled rate in the black scroll and the destroy rate is always set to 100% when an enchantment is extracted this way.


Too tired to finish this section, might finish it later but if someone else posts/suggests a description for the Alchemist, feel free to dm me on Discord and I'll consider adding it here. Feel like I'm forgetting other stuff too but too tire to brain now