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  1. vain163


    this was meant as a toy recommendation, mainly to give more variety to whats available
  2. vain163


    With flight enchant made harder to obtain and or gone, then it would be a good time to explore other means to grant flight at a balance. i want to suggest "Wings" or chest armor that grant flight but offer no or negative stats to them, as flight is and always will be very overpowered in combat...
  3. vain163

    Nether generator upgrades

    It's on the list but I'm bumping it, upgrades for the generators in the nether crates to speed em up
  4. vain163

    Odd compressors

    I think this is already on the plan board but i want to just make a post. A netherite compressor, just for the sake of having that perfect 9 compressors. Or if you want to have a compressor for all ores available atm then having a copper compressor would be nice.
  5. vain163

    Charms and the future of jewelry

    That sounds about right, though i would like to see charms a bit stronger at the end, but adaptive really needs a boost.
  6. vain163

    Wands and their limited utility

    So wands, they are neat and have a ton of potential to change play styles as well as make some the best tools in the game. But at this current time they are greatly limited and patchy as to how they work. To start i want to discuss whats currently available and then what i would like to see...
  7. vain163

    Charms and the future of jewelry

    As it stands the charms are fairly easy to make for the rewards you reap from them, this post is to suggest how I think the future of charms should look as well as some adjustments to current charms to make them more balanced for the effort needed. First thing is looking at the current charms...